CCP Oughta Know

I ran across this video while uploading one of mine, and it’s a cute follow-on to my post a few days about how players talk about and deal with node crashes. This would be more fun if they had actually performed the new lyrics, but what can you do.

One important bit of their argument is that “Jita” is doing fine, and that CCP has gotten complacent. Jita is trading hub of EVE, and the usually the single highest population system in the galaxy. You might remember it from my early discussion about selling stuff. So in the video, which is made by people from 0.0 (like me), they’re claiming that CCP fixed the lag in Jita but aren’t addressing the lag in 0.0 battles because there are more people who use Jita regularly than participate in fleet battles.

This is a pretty common claim; that CCP cares more about “Empire Carebears” (ie people who stay in empire space and avoid combat) than it does about 0.0 pilots. Even though this video is well over a year old, lag is still an issue and 0.0 players are still talking about bringing huge fleets to Jita to crash it and inconvenience Empire players. Supposedly this will force CCP to address lag issues, since they care more about Empire players. I’m pretty skeptical of that, myself. CCP is having frequent testing sessions with hundreds of pilots on their development server to try and isolate their lag issues. These things take time and data, and solving problems that only appear when 300+ people try to do something at the same time is a bit of a software engineering nightmare.


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  2. That’s a funny video. Like you said, it would be even more hilarious if they actually sang. When I first saw it, though, I was thinking that it would go wonderfully with that one song… Yeah, specific, right? The new song by RIhanna or some chick that uses part of an Imogen Heap song. “Oohh, what you say?”

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