Printing The Ships of EVE

Perhaps you’ve been looking at people’s EVE Spaces recently and thought you could really use some more EVE-related graphics on your walls? Maybe you’d like a way to describe to your friends why having a carrier makes you so damn cool?

I’ve put my visualization of EVE ship prices onto Imagekind, a graphics printing service. You can find it here. You can choose the size you want, but I think I’m going to buy a Large-sized one for my room.

I’ve also uploaded the source file for the graphics, in case you want to print it (or otherwise manipulate it) yourself. You can get the resolution independent PDF here.



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  1. I’d never seen this Imagekind site before. I’m enthralled already. ;)

  2. Borgel,

    As am I. Now the question is can I justify ~$50 for an ginormous one, or less for just a large one…

  3. Great stuff Drew.


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