Operation Best Friends Forever

I’m always amused when organizations in EVE behave like organizations in the real world. Faced with what was essentially a press-release and pep-talk delivered by Sir Molle to his faithful troops, the Northern Coalition leaders prepared their response. Not content to let the South lay out its plans and attract attention, Vuk Lau, the leader of Morsus Mihi and nominal head of the Northern Coalition, organized an address to the pilots of the North.

Compared to Sir Molle’s wandering address a few days ago, Vuk kept his address short and sweet. In front of 1600 members, he announced a contest to produce the best propaganda posters on the theme “Best Friends Forever”. If Molle’s goal is to break us up, our goal is clear – stick together.

Then we got a duet of Never Gonna Give You Up starring Vuk Lau and Plague Black (another alliance leader) and that was it. You can hear a clip of it in this wonderful propaganda newscast produced by a Morsus Mihi member. The singing starts at 3:17.

The message was clear – no matter what happens the North sticks together. I was a little let down at first. I kinda wanted a big inspirational speech (this video is linked all the time in our forums), internet spaceship-style. In retrospect, though, this works even better. While Molle didn’t clearly articulate a reason for this campaign, Vuk made it pretty simple and clear. Even in the face of daunting numbers (the Southern Coalition outnumbers the North by nearly 2-1 in members), we’re in this to have fun, kick ass, and keep the North united.

Unsurprisingly, war in the North is going to entail a bit of a change of pace here. At the very least, you’re going to have to put up with a bit more cheerleading than normal. I’m hardly a dispassionate observer here. I’m happy with my home in the North, and will do whatever I can to defend it. I’ll try to provide even-handed coverage, but lets not forget where my allegiance lies. In any event, it should be a wild ride and I hope you’ll follow along!


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  1. I wish everyone in the NC the best of luck in the coming weeks and months, holding back the red menace is something us former LFA pilots were unable to accomplish.

  2. Nitor1013z,

    All I know is that things aren’t really going so well for the South at the moment. Majesta and R.A.G.E and BFFs have managed to hold ground in vale as well as Razor and MM and MH holding most all areas after a month of assault. We even forced Atlas, CoW, and G-Club to run to x-70 with their masters. :D

    NC – BFF <3

  3. Pavel,

    I’m not in an alliance. I’m a one-man corp but I’m working for the North in my industrial capasity. it’s getting dangerous in the belts but the Orca and Hulk have kills now. Gank fleets just mean a refit and rethink of tactics. Go team! lol! Love the BFF poster too!

  4. pmg,

    hey where’d you go? stop with all of your “research” and get back to writing fun things for me to read!

    seriously, come back.

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